In today’s modern world of everything going on e-platform, the classroom too, be it in school, office or other establishment becomes extremely relevant to the context of being available on e-platform to ensure enhanced productivity, ease of access and usage, improved output compared to traditional and conventional methods of sharing things and more importantly for saving time and cost, which is quite in contrast to the fact that everything cost stream surrounding life are rocketing up at an exponential rate.

This starts with two simple components, the e-board and a multimedia projector that takes your entire classroom or conference room to a whole new altitude with a complete face-lift in outfit and a heap of benefits that are only possible with this digital infrastructure. The projector is used to provide a digital output to the board to bring it live so that all that’s hidden behind a ultra-sophisticated e-board backed by a comprehensive software that has a large multitude of features built in to it can be seen, felt and heard by the audience. With just two components, you will be able to deliver more and extract more in today’s interactive idea sharing circles, be it in school, office or other.

With this kind of set-up can you move swiftly along the turbulent times of today, reaping the maximum of any forum in question at such an affordable cost structures and with benefits that can never be exploited with the usual conventional infrastructure. It’s ability to have every move you draw and every letter you scribble in saved record makes it a permanent memory of all what is written on it. Never having to erase off what you have put up and being able to share it amongst others on-the-fly just like that makes its competitive advantage an unmatched proposition. Its built in smart features enables you to use lesser time and identifies your moves to do the rest of the task for you. The equipment is so much user-friendly that it does not require technical expertise to operate. Plus the board can read your thumb moves so that it does not even demand a writing medium, which your conventional writing board is indispensable of. The board is of lighter weight and can be mounted on any wall without hassle. It’s powered by a simple USB cable from your computer and is thus energy-conserving. All equipment are sourced from globally renowned digital manufacturing houses and with all quality and compliance certificates from globally accepted bodies.

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