The stepping stone that way laid by the late Founder Chairman, way back in time, which set the footing to build up the clusterized yet connectedly-diversified business of today, over a lapse of 60 years along the timeline.
The humble start of a Bookstore in the heart of Maradana in Colombo, Sri Lanka, that made itself a closely patronized hub for many learned and Venerable prelates, legendary scholars & authors of the time and innumerous educationists, schoolmasters, lecturers from all celebrated institutes of local education.

From the start of composing, printing and compiling of the school syllabi under the close and intense engagement of eminent scholars, to compilation of inspiring textbooks, monographs and even novels, the founding business continued to grow by leaps and bounds under the visionary leadership of the Late Founder Chairman. The board of directors being a gifted family of vibrant writers, who takes a lot of pride and personal passion in authorship, have since continued to add glamour and weight to the portfolio and the publications business has a wide array of books presently available for exploration.

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